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White Water dispenser floor MORPHY RICHARDS Easy Load 45005

179,00 €

Morphy Richards 45005 Water Dispenser with Pump 

Hot, Cold & Normal water
Hot & cold water dispenser unit
Stainless steel hot & cold water tanks
Energy saving ON/OFF switches.
Empty bottle indicator
Children safety feature on hot water control.
No lifting or flipping of heavy bottles.
Compressor cooling
Cooling power: 100W
Heating power: 420W
Hot water temperature: 85-99 oC
Cold water temperature: 3-10 oC


Hot and cold water
Cold, warm & room temperature
Compressor cooling
Push tabs
Stainless steel water tank
Child safety feature on hot water control
Empty bottle indicator
Hidden bottle, no lifting or flipping of heavy bottles
Dimensions (mm): 358 x 386 x 1120
Weight (kg): 16.34

Morphy Richards
Water Dispensers


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