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Bosch BGBS4HYG1 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGBS4HYG1 Serie 4 ProHygienic Vacuum Cleaner White

199,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BHN14090 Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner

Runtime up to 12 min High Airflow System with highly efficient dust-separation Washable Filter Color: Dark Night

79,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGS2UECO Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGS2UECO Serie 4 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Black SensorBagless ™ Technology HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic...

229,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGL35MON14 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGL35MON14 MoveOn Vacuum Cleaner Red

199,00 €
Current Stock Level

BOSCH Rechargeable Vacuum cleaner BBS811PCK

Wireless, but with unlimited running time, thanks to the alternating batteries.

399,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGC41Q69 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGC41Q69 Serie 6 ProSilence Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Red QuattroPower System SensorBagless ™...

299,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BCS61113 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner White

Bosch Serie 6 BCS61113 Unlimited Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner White Up to 30 min Runtime High-quality...

279,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGS41K332 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGS41K332 Serie 6 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner White QuattroPower System SmartSensor Control HEPA hygienic filter:...

239,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGC05AAA2 Chilli Red Vacuum Cleaner

Model: BGC05AAA2 Bagless Power : 700 W Capacity : 1.5 L Filter Type : PureAir Energy Class: A

109,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGLS4PET2 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGLS4PET2 Serie 4 ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner Red

319,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BBS612PCK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Serie 6 BBS612PCK Unlimited Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner White Up to 30 min Runtime AllFloor...

339,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGLS4FMLY Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGLS4FMLY Serie 4 ProFamily Vacuum Cleaner Blue

235,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGLS4X200 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGLS4X200 Serie 4 Vacuum Cleaner Blue

169,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BHN20L Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner

BOSCH BHN20L Rechargeable Hand Vacuum Cleaner Lithium 20Vmax Blue Runtime up to 45 min Lithium-Ion Battery 2...

99,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BZGL2A312 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BZGL2A312 Compaxx’x Vacuum Cleaner Blue HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic blades Bag Capacity: L Sound power...

125,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGL3POWER1 Vacuum Cleaner

QuattroPower Annual energy consumption: 28kwh Sound power level: 77 dB(A)

159,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGLS4SIL1 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BGLS4SIL1 Serie 4 ProSilence Vacuum Cleaner White

235,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BHN24L Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner

BOSCH BHN24L Bagless Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner Black Runtime up to 45 min Lithium-Ion Battery 2...

115,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BCH6ATH25 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Model: BCH6ATH25 Power :25.2V (2400W) Capacity : 0.9 L Absorption : Solid Autonomy: 60'

275,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BCH6ZOOO Cordless HandStick Vacuum Cleaner

Model: BCH6ZOOO Power :25.2V (2400W) Capacity : 0.9 L Absorption : Solid Autonomy: 60'

289,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BBS812PCK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner White

Wireless, but with unlimited cleaning time *, thanks to rechargeable batteries and fast charging charger.

499,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch Roxxter Vacuum Cleaner - BSR1ASLC - Black

State-of-the-art technology, unmatched performance. The Roxxter Revolution. The Smart CornerClean vacuum cleaner...

1179,00 €
Current Stock Level

Bosch BGL3A210 Vacuum Cleaner

BOSCH Vacuum Cleaner BGL3A210 GL-30 A Cayenne red

145,00 €
Current Stock Level


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