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Electric kettle REDMOND RK-G127-E

79,00 €

The REDMOND RK-G127 electric kettle is a new unique model with a modern colorful design, made of heat-resistant glass and high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to the nice blue lighting that is the indication of the activation of the device, the usual process of boiling water will turn into a magical dance of bubbles, which will definitely make you feel positive emotions in every use of the device!

The triple safety system will not allow the appliance to overheat or activate without water, and the innovative mechanical lock prevents the lid from being accidentally opened during operation.

The cable compartment makes the G127 compact and easy to use, store and transport. You will constantly enjoy the comfort and beauty of your kettle!

  • Modern
  • Strong
  • Practical
  • Ecological

Internal lighting of the kettle vial
Concealed heating element (tray)
360 degree rotation
Removable anti-scale filter
Strix® Contact Group
Volume: 1.7 l



Power 1850-2200 W
Trend 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Capacity 1.7 l
Housing material refractory glass, stainless steel
Anti-salt filter there is
Automatic boiling stop there is
Automatic shut-off without water there is
Heating element - tray there is
Internal container lighting there is
Rotating base 360 °
Controller mechanism Strix
Cable length 0.7 m
Cable storage there is
Total: - Electric kettle
- Boiler base
- Instructions for use
- Warranty booklet
Warranty 2 years old



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