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Toyotomi LC-54 Inverter Oil Heater

Model: LC-54
Type of Operation: Inverter
Performance: 5.320-17.600 Btu/hr
Recommended for areas up to: 90m2
Auto Ignition Switch: Supported
Fuel Quantity Indicator: Features

429,00 €

Toyotomi LC-54 Oil Heater with Inverter technology that offers ideal and safe heating with low fuel and electrical consumption, ideal for areas up to 90m2  .

Heat your home fast, economical and efficiently! The use of electricity is only necessary for electronic mode settings and not for heating. 
Inverter Technology: The amazing features of the fully microprocessor-controlled system, coupled with the unrivaled heating power of the oil, create the ideal heating environment in the shortest possible time, keeping the temperature steady with the lowest fuel consumption.
Μotion sensor: If the sensor does not detect movement in the room within 10 minutes, the heater will automatically turn its operation to the lowest possible consumption.
Child Lock 
Safety system where the device automatically closes in the event of overturning. 
Automatic shutdown after 50 hours of continuous operation 
Electronic indication and fault recognition 
Automatic start-up with 24-hour Timer function
Extention button to extend the remaining operating time from 10' to 60'.
Built-in fan that boosts hot air boosting space faster. 
Self-cleaning burner
Electronic Ignition
Audible and visual indication before the tank empty 
Tank capacity: 7.6L
Hours of Operation: 15.7-50 hours
Dimensions (WxHxD): 550x327.5x445 cm
Weight: 13.5Kg 
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