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Miele vacuum drawer EVS7010 Brilliant White

Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.
Remains fresh for longer – storage and portioning of food
Intense taste – marinading food
Preparation of food for sous-vide cooking
Easy handling – Touch controls and fully telescopic runners
Push2open – opening the drawer couldn't be easier

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2300,00 €



Vacuum sealing

Perfect preparation and longer storage

A simple principle with lots of advantages: our practical vacuum sealing drawer removes the oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags. This method creates the ideal conditions for extending the storage life of your food. At the same time, vacuum sealing is perfect for sous-vide cooking in the steam oven and for portioning and storing food.

Three vacuum settings

three vacuum settingsPerfect for any application
You can choose from three different vacuum settings: do you want to gently vacuum-seal pressure-sensitive foods such as fruit? Then select setting 1. We recommend 3 – the highest setting – for meat and setting 2 for food which contains a lot of liquid. This provides the perfect protection for your food and ensures the best results.

Preparation for sous-vide cooking

preparation for sous videPerfect preparation
The Miele vacuum sealing drawer is the perfect way to prepare your food for gentle sous-vide cooking with the Miele steam oven. The drawer removes oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags containing your food. The food can then be cooked using the particularly gentle sous-vide method, which preserves a large proportion of the vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, meat cooked in this way is particularly succulent and flavoursome.

SensorTouch controls

sensor touch controls2Intuitive and straightforward
Simple controls: the Miele vacuum sealing drawers can be operated easily and intuitively via a SensorTouch panel which is under a glass fascia. It provides direct access to all of the functions – for optimised user convenience. At the same time, the touch panel is easy to clean and is therefore very low-maintenance.

Fully telescopic runners

fully telescopicPractical and ergonomic
The Miele Gourmet drawer can be opened all the way thanks to the practical fully telescopic runners. This makes it much easier for you to load and unload the drawer and ensures convenient handling. With its stable telescopic runners, the drawer is easy to open and close.

Variable sealing times

variable sealing timesDifferent sealing options
It is important to choose the right sealing duration for vacuum sealing bags to ensure perfect food storage conditions or to prepare for sous-vide cooking: thin bags and original packaging such as crisp packets are gently and securely sealed with setting 1. This ensures that the food is perfectly protected from odour or flavour transfer. For sous-vide cooking with thicker bags, we recommend setting 3.

Reusable vacuum sealing containers

reusable vacuum sealing containersLong service life
Environmentally friendly: Miele's reusable vacuum sealing containers provide the best protection for your food. They can be used again and again and are easy to connect to the vacuum sealing drawer with the aid of an adapter.



Product details - EVS 7010

Model and design
Built-in vacuum sealing drawer
Brilliant White
Convenience features
Preparing food for sous-vide cooking
Longer storage life of food
Marinating food
Range of applications
Vacuum sealing food
Marinating food
Dividing food into portions
Vacuum sealing containers
Resealing original packaging
Sealing jars
Vacuum sealing liquids
User convenience
Vacuum chamber capacity in l
Maximum bag size in mm
Push2open mechanism
Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading
Control panel with sensor controls
Control panel with symbols
Vacuum settings
LED vacuum setting indicator
Sealing duration settings
LED sealing duration indicator
Stop function
Air extraction technology
Stainless-steel vacuum chamber
Pump capacity in m³/h
Cleaning convenience
Flush control panel
Note regarding moisture removal from the vacuum pump
Replaceable sealing bar
Safety switch-off
Technical data
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Useable interior height in mm
Voltage in V
Frequency in Hz
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Length of supply lead in m
Standard accessories
Adapter for vacuum sealing container
Vacuum sealing bag support
Vacuum sealing bags
Vacuum-sealing bags, 180 x 280 mm
Vacuum-sealing bags, 240 x 350 mm




Guarantee booklet pdf  Download
Operating instructions/Installation instructions pdf  Download
Operating instructions/Installation instructions pdf  Download




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