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Technotherm Visage panel heater feet

VISAGE Panel Heaters
Advanced German Technology to heat your home more efficiently

The TECHNOTHERM Panel Heating range of products provides a heating solution whatever the size of your property. From the smallest apartment to the largest home, TECHNOTHERM offers radiators with designer styling to blend with any décor and the latest innovations to enhance heating comfort and lower energy usage.
OurVisage Panel Heaters contain the TECHNOTHERM patented heat retention tablets and Digital Electronic Thermostat, ensuring a comfortable and controllable heating solution.
They are approved and certified according to international specifications and carry the CE mark, thus complying with European safety standards and standards for electromagnetic compatibility. All VISAGE Panel Heaters are tested and approved for IP 24 rating (splash proof) and can be installed in bathrooms and other damp areas in accordance with local regulations.

24,99 €
Martin says - Feet for the panel heaters. Although the radiators only need 3 screws to fix them to a wall, if a portable radiator is required then these are perfect.


Convenient feet for the technotherm panel heater range (2 PCS)

Convector Heaters


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