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SmartHeater with steel front
Classic design with long life span

H:40cm W:117,5cm D:9cm Power:1500 watt
Max Heating Temp:Max 80°C
The Beha PV15 WI-FI panel convector heater is stylish, compact and economical. This heater is ideal for heating a living room or any room around your home.

The Beha PV12 WI-FI convector heater is 1250 watt's and is designed to be wall mounted.

Beha with Wi-Fi thermostat, fits in to your home with style.

Colours available, White

275,00 €
  • Product advantages

    System requirements: Wi-Fi router must be set up with 2,4 GHz og WPA2 under installation. In addition, the heater has the following functions:

    • Splashproof (IP24) – The heater is approved for use in bathrooms if it is installed by a certified electrician
    • Double insulated (Cl. II) – requires no grounding
    • Protected against overheating – A fuse cuts the power if the internal temperature of the heater gets too high
    • The temperature can also be adjusted locally on the heater, without a Wi-Fi connection
    • Cable length 1,5 m
    • 5 year warranty

    Please note. It is important to check that the room intended for the installation of the heater has a strong wifi signal from the router. If not then this can be rectified by purchasing a plug-in wi-fi extender to boost the signal.

                  PV15 WI-FI Convector Heater
                        Technical Specifications

    Watt 1500W
    Width 117.5 cm
    Height 40 cm
    Depth (incl wall bracket) 8,3 cm
    Distance between wall brackets 61 cm
    Colour White
    Accuracy of the thermostat 0,2°C at 20°C room temperature
    Front panel’s Surface temperature Maximum 80°C at 20°C room temperature
    Clear distance below the heater 10 cm
    Clear distance sideways 2 cm
    Clear distance above the heater 10 cm
    Delivered with 1,5m long cable with plug
    220 - 240 volt
    On/off switch and electronic thermostat
    Double insulated
    Splash security IP24 (suitable for wet areas)

    The wall-frame depth 3,3 cm

5 Years Warranty

Convector Heaters


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