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Bosch MMBH4P3B Blender VitaBoost 1600 W Black

VitaBoost blender with up to 45,000 rpm in the engine and 3 programs for smoothies / milkshakes, soups and automatic cleaning.

289,00 €
249,00 €
  • Powerful 1600W motor with up to 45,000 rpm in the motor to easily process any fruit and vegetable
  • Three automatic programs: Smoothies, soups and a one-touch cleaning program
  • Easy to clean: automatic cleaning program and dishwasher safe parts
  • Tritan jug 2lt from BPA free material so that the flavors and vitamins are not altered. A piston is included to press the materials towards the blades
  • Thanks to the plastics without Bisphenol A (BPA free) the preparation of the food is guaranteed to be healthy, safe and comfortable.


BPA free food preparation plastics guaranteed hygienic, safe and comfortable.

Homemade shakes and smoothies without any worries! All plastic parts that come in contact with your fruits and vegetables are made of BPA-free materials suitable for food contact.


Durable tritan blender jug ​​for large quantities and hot soups.

You do not need to worry about the capacity of the blender and whether it will withstand the mashing of the soup you just cooked. The high quality tritan blender jug ​​has a capacity of 2 liters and is ideal for large quantities, for processing hard materials, hot soup and iced drinks. The tritan blender is durable but also lightweight, suitable for contact with food as it is BPA-free and unbreakable.


Extremely high performance for perfect results in record time.

Enjoy homemade smoothies and shakes from the fruits, vegetables and herbs you desire. The extremely powerful 1600 Watt motor, the six stainless steel blades and the extremely high maximum operating speed (up to 45,000 rpm), ensure that even hard or fibrous materials such as frozen berries and ginger will be smoothly mashed to enjoy smooth that you desire.


Automatic programs for smoothies, soups and cleaning.

Why guess what is the right speed and ideal operating time? Automatic programs are designed specifically for smoothies and soups, so you always have perfect results at the touch of a button. In addition, the automatic cleaning program makes cleaning the jug really easy.


A recipe book in English is included for more inspiration.

Do you like the variety with your smoothies and shakes? This handy recipe book created especially for your Bosch blender includes many recipes for great smoothies, shakes and more. Discover new ideas and useful tips for healthy eating and living. Additional recipes in Greek and many other languages ​​can be found in the VitaBar App.


VitaBar application with delicious recipes and tips for healthy eating.

Do you like to try new flavors and different combinations of fruits and vegetables? Let Bosch inspire you with recipes for smoothies, shakes, juices, soups and sauces - anything you can prepare with a blender and juicer. The easy-to-use VitaBar App includes a step-by-step guide in Greek and many more languages, nutritional information, shopping list and everything - for a healthy lifestyle.


Automatic cleaning program and dishwasher safe parts

Cleaning up after making your smoothie usually takes time. But not with this blender. Thanks to the cleaning program, the blender jug ​​is cleaned on its own with the push of a button. Non-mechanical parts of the appliance can be washed in the dishwasher.











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